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The Église de la Victoire du Québec, a charity independent of any other structure, is more 165000subscribers on the YouTube channel and more 31478003views!

Are you blessed by the messages preached to the Church of Victory? You can be, as of today, a channel of blessing for others to hear these anointed messages of the Spirit of God.

He has been generous, he has given to the needy; his justice endures forever. He who provides seed to the sower, and bread for his food, will provide you and multiply the seed, and he will increase the fruits of your righteousness. In this way you will be enriched in every respect for every kind of generosity which, by our means, will make God offer thanksgiving.

2 Corinthians 9:9-11

Why sow in this ministry?

› Announce the good news of Jesus in the nations;

Improve the level of excellence of our productions;

Support our various humanitarian actions.

By becoming a partner, you become an actor in the great French-speaking awakening that has already begun! We invite you to ask the Lord if he is calling you to join this international family! Thank you for believing with us!

This page is the only platform to make donations to support the ministries of the Church of Victory and it is the platform for all donations from all countries.